Saturday, January 01, 2011

Past Champs 2011

I've Been Drinking won on 05-11-11 with Preston,Ohene, and Edgar and special mystery guest Eric.

Chris O'Neil won on 05-04-11 with Joel Straley and Michael Morse

Tin Man won on 04-27-11 with Maisha Dang,Lori Richardson, and Chris O'Neil

A tie! Sexy Tapioca won with Chris,Dana, and Chris Griggs; I've Been Drinking with Preston,Ohene, and Edgar on 04-22-11

I've Been Drinking won with Edgar,Ohene, and Preston on 04-13-11

Shaynanigans won on 04-06-11 with Leenie,Kelsey, and "Kristen".

Shaynanigans won on 03-30-11 with Leenie,Kelsey, and Damien.

12 Foot 9 and a Half won on 03-23-11 with Lucas,Trey USA, and Anthony.

Bishop won with Eric Grundheiser, Aly,Clayton Myers, and Jillian on 03-16-11

I've Been Drinking won with Preston Taylor,Ohene Cornelius, and Edgar Moore, Jr. on 03-09-11

Girls!Girls!Girls! won on 03-02-11 with Allie Kokesh,Lorraine DeGraffenreidt, and Ryan Haney

Girls!Girls!Girls! won on 02-23-11 with Allie Kokesh,Lorraine DeGraffenreidt, and Ryan Haney

Balls Scouts won on 02-16-11 with Casey Webb,Rob Sulaver, and Janine Harouni

I've Been Drinking won on 02-09-11

It was BJ's and Emerald's first win as "Just The Two of Us" on 02-02-11

GCA won on 01-26-11 with Mike and Allison.

2 Wongs and a White won with Bradley Laborman, Bradley Go, and John Hsu on 01-19-11

Winners on 01-12-11

The first winners @ The New P.I.T.! called "Last Weeks Winners" with Ora, Katie and Becca (not pictured) on 01-05-11

The Audience @ The P.I.T.

Second Dome 01-12-11

The first Improdome at the new space: 01-05-11

Monday, January 04, 2010

Visitors From Austin

Performing as "New Yorkers" on 05-12-10 Carley Stewart and Rachel Lawson rocked it out. You can check them out at The New Movement Theater at 1819 Rosewood Ave in Austin TX.(512-788-2669) The website is

Thanks for coming out!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Past Champs 2010

Scratches Pens won 0n 06-16-10 with Alan Starzisnki,Patrick Noth, and Steve Theiss

Good Karma won on 06-09-10 with Jerry,Patrick,Ceasar,and Ben Rosenfeld.

Rich Hot Bitches won with Marisol,Rich and Connie on 06-02-10

M-Comm won with Will, Julia, and Jesse on 05-26-10

Cliche Assassins won with Steve Theiss and Patrick Noth

Joanna Borns and Nivedita Kulkarni won as Scince Friends on 05-12-10

Killer Bear! won on 05-05-10 with Ryan, Geoff, and Steve.

OJ In A Sippy Cup won on 04-28-10 with Julia and Oscar

A Tie on 04-21-10 with Red Pie on the left, Patrick Noth and Geoffrey Murphy and Birthday Bayside on the right with Patrick,Dana,and A.J.

On Dana's birthday no less! The winner was "Birthday on the Bayside" with AJ, Dana, and Patrick on 04-14-10.

M-Comm won again on 04-07-10 with Jesse,Kyle,Julie, and Will.

M-Comm won on 03-31-10 with Kyle,Will, and Julie!

Pac Man won again with Andy,AJ and Tiffany on 03-24-10.

Pac Man won on St Patty's 03-17-10 with Andy, Tiff, and Patrick whose birthday it was.

Chris O'Neil won on 03-03-10 and 03-10-10 with Joel Straley and Michael Morse

Chicken Monkeys won on 02-24-10 with Louis,Chiag, and Ola!

Ellen Degenerate won on 02-17-10 with Zak Uzupis, Joel Straley, and Mikel Morse.

Chex Mix won with Peter and Paul on 02-10-10.

The Danboys won on 02-03-10 with Matt Starr, Ian Stroud, and Drew Tarvin.

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce VaIn won with Tanisha and Lucas on 01-29-10

Two Lady Katie won on 01-20-10 with Katie Cunningham and Katie East

Go Go Gadget won on 01-13-09 with Ralf, Zach and Zahir.

The first winners of 2010---Grass Fed Beef with David, Eddie, and Dean on 01-06-10