Saturday, January 01, 2011

Past Champs 2011

I've Been Drinking won on 05-11-11 with Preston,Ohene, and Edgar and special mystery guest Eric.

Chris O'Neil won on 05-04-11 with Joel Straley and Michael Morse

Tin Man won on 04-27-11 with Maisha Dang,Lori Richardson, and Chris O'Neil

A tie! Sexy Tapioca won with Chris,Dana, and Chris Griggs; I've Been Drinking with Preston,Ohene, and Edgar on 04-22-11

I've Been Drinking won with Edgar,Ohene, and Preston on 04-13-11

Shaynanigans won on 04-06-11 with Leenie,Kelsey, and "Kristen".

Shaynanigans won on 03-30-11 with Leenie,Kelsey, and Damien.

12 Foot 9 and a Half won on 03-23-11 with Lucas,Trey USA, and Anthony.

Bishop won with Eric Grundheiser, Aly,Clayton Myers, and Jillian on 03-16-11

I've Been Drinking won with Preston Taylor,Ohene Cornelius, and Edgar Moore, Jr. on 03-09-11

Girls!Girls!Girls! won on 03-02-11 with Allie Kokesh,Lorraine DeGraffenreidt, and Ryan Haney

Girls!Girls!Girls! won on 02-23-11 with Allie Kokesh,Lorraine DeGraffenreidt, and Ryan Haney

Balls Scouts won on 02-16-11 with Casey Webb,Rob Sulaver, and Janine Harouni

I've Been Drinking won on 02-09-11

It was BJ's and Emerald's first win as "Just The Two of Us" on 02-02-11

GCA won on 01-26-11 with Mike and Allison.

2 Wongs and a White won with Bradley Laborman, Bradley Go, and John Hsu on 01-19-11

Winners on 01-12-11

The first winners @ The New P.I.T.! called "Last Weeks Winners" with Ora, Katie and Becca (not pictured) on 01-05-11

The Audience @ The P.I.T.

Second Dome 01-12-11

The first Improdome at the new space: 01-05-11