Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Past Champs 2009

The last champs of 2009, Wilco and Andy! With Andy Beckerman, William H. Cooper(Invisible) and Cory Palmer, on 12-30-09

Pac Man won again with Andy,Chloe,Carlos, and Tiffany on 12-23-09

OJ In A Sippy Cup won with Julia Morales and Oscar Montoya on 12-16-09

A Tie! Wizard's Duel won with Josh Lay,Cory Gavin, and Bill Grundberg


Person People with G.C., Chloe, AJ and Chris O'Neil

on 12-02-09

The Eye In Team won on 11-25-09 with Joe S., Matt M., and Nathan C.

PJ2 won with Justin Blaize, Justin Braum, and Patric on 11-18-09

Gladstone won on 11-11-09 with Benjamin,Joe, and Dom

Bardon't won on 11-04-09 with Steve Theiss,Patrick Noth,and Morgan Evans!!

Rooster won with Michael and Katherine on 10-28-09

Pak Man won on 10-21-09 with Chole,Tiffany,Andy, and Patrick

A tie! Betwixt Asshole Club with Luke Manson,Joey Burns, and David Bluvband


Dangerous Application with Giancarlo,AJ, Shawn W. and Chris O'Neil

Who Wants a Free Cookie won on 10-01-09 with Anne Marsen,Patrik, and Andy and Tara

Fist Mountain won on 09-30-09 with Lauren, Dave, and Anna!

Rubber Bandits won on 09-23-09 with Shannon, Nicole, and Brandon

Twelve Foot Nine won with Lucas Hazlitt, Jason Najjoum, and Anthony Minto on 09-16-09

Chinese Finger Sntach won again on 09-09-09 with Joel Strale,Aaron Burdette, and Will Cooper

Pooster won on 09-02-09 with Tiff, Chris O'Neil and Giancarlos

Who was this on 08-26-09

Chinese Finger Sntach won again on 08-19-09 with Joel Strale,Aaron Burdette, and Will Cooper

Chinese Finger Sntach won again on 08-12-09 with Joel Strale,Aaron Burdette, and Will Cooper

A tie!! On the left, Chinese Finger Snatch with Joel Strale,Aaron Burdette, and Will Cooper and on the right Umbrella Boys with Kevin, Eddie and Athos on 08-05-09

Gaga won on 07-29-09 with Andy and Giancarlo

The big winner on 07-22-09 was Need Slainte with Jameelah (not pictured) Gawy and Dan!

Blame Everyone won with Keisha, KL, and Noah on 07-15-09

The Fishsticks winners with Keisha, Noah, and Rob on 07-08-09

Two Bits won on 07-01-09 with Mark Stetson,Justin Lamarnix, and Diana DeLuna!

Scrumpilicious won on 06-24-09 with Jimmy Juste,Robert King, and Keisha Zollar

Two Bitz won with Russell McLeod,Justin Lamar Nix, and Mark Stetson on 06-18-09

Code Red was the Winner with Dave, Kim and Brett on 06-10-09

Hand Turkey WON ON 06-02-09

Winner on 05-78-09

Crack Apple won on 05-20-09 with Jake and Shawn

Lil' Load won with Ben Rameaka,greg Aponte, and Zed Cutsinger on 05-13-09 for the second week in a row!

Lil' Load won with Ben Rameaka,greg Aponte, and Zed Cutsinger on 05-06-09

Hand Turkey won with Joe Miles,James Dwyer, and Kat Nunez! Winners, 04-29-09

Chrisanthumum won on 04-22-09 with Dave,Dan and Kim!!!!

"Union Dues" won with Mike Scollins,Zach Broussard, and Alex Kovros on 04-15-09

Mangina won on 04-08-09 with Mike Newman and Colin McNally!

Asshole Club won on 04-01-09 (repeat!) with Joey Burns,Luke Manson, and the ghost of Clancy.

The Asshole Club won on 03-25-09 with Joey Burns,Luke Manson and Clancy.

Archie Arnett won with Chris Polansky and Brandon Guilio on 03-18-09

Western Cheetos won on 03-11-09 with Chris Roberti,Lauren and Brandon

Way Too Small won on a very crowded night with Jenny,Rob,Christina,Andy,and Tyler on 03-04-09

Wizard's Duel won on 02-25-09 with Cory Cavin and Josh Lay

Wizard's Duel won on 02-18-09 with Cory Cavin and Josh Lay

Reverse5 won on 02-03-09 and 02-11-09
Congrats on the repeat,Dan.Micah, and Tim!

Fast Blow Job won on 01-28-09 with Eric, Babs, and Mike.

Brendan McLoghlin,Tyler J. Gilmore, and Erin Markey won on 01-21-09 as Sherlock Homeless!

Peeing In Front of Your boyfriend For the First Time won on 01-14-09 with lauren Lapkus,Mackenzie Condon and Ed Illades

Western Cheetos won on 01-07-09 with Lauren Lapkus,Brandon and Mr. X