Friday, September 23, 2005

Past Champs

Friday November 10, 2006
Separated at Birth
(Brandon, tommEE and Phlip)

Friday November 3, 2006
Friday October 27, 2006
Afternoon Playland
(Boxy (the red one), Motley Hoo-Haa (the grey one) and Ripley McSwishypants (the checkered one))

There were some other teams in here somewhere. I lost my camera and forgot their names. I know Johnny was on one of them. Apologies.

Friday September 29, 2006
(Jillian Kaplan, Chris O'Neil and Jonathan Kaplan)

Friday September 22, 2006
All I know is Stuart sucks
(Stuart, Jennifer Bartels and Nate Peterman)

Friday September 15, 2006
All I know is Stuart sucks
(Neal Schukla, Jennifer Bartels and Chris Schnell)

Friday September 8, 2006
Kennedy's Headshot
(Ari Scott, John Frusciante and Jarret Berenstein)

Friday September 1, 2006
Kennedy's Headshot
(Ari Scott, John Frusciante and Stu Goldstein)

Friday August 25, 2006
Grimey & US
(Mark Grenier, Charlie Whitcroft, Corey Grimes)

Friday August 18, 2006
Just Me
(Verlon and Marcus)

Friday August 11, 2006
Mac, Sax & Dixon
(Matt Sax, Peter McNerney and John Dixon)

Friday August 4, 2006
Mac, Sax & Dixon
(Matt Sax, Peter McNerney and John Dixon)

Friday July 28, 2006
Dan & Charlie

Friday July 21, 2006
The Whites Of Their Eyes
(Chris O'Neil, Mark Grenier and Yang Miller)

Friday July 14, 2006
Dan and Charlie

Friday July 7, 2006 &
Friday June 30, 2006
The Sharpies
(Josh Fulton, Ernie Privetera and Chris O'Neil)

Friday June 23, 2006
The Sharpies
(Chris O'Neil, Josh Fulton and Shawn Wickens)

Friday June 16, 2006
The Sharpies

(Elana Fishbein, Chris O'Neil and Josh Fulton)

Friday June 9, 2006
(Mark Grenier and Yang Miller)

Streetcar Rin Tin Tin
(Roy Koshy, Chris O'Neil, Starr Kendall)

Friday June 2, 2006

Aloisius Morganstein
(Ernie Privetera, Abigoliah Shamaun, and Kevin Gottlieb)
Friday May 26th, 2006

Conflict of Interest
(Bjorn Thorstad, Adam Bright, and David Neiman)

El Caballo
(Ruby Marez, Sean Carey, and Liz Quinn)

Conflict of Interest

(Bjorn Thorstad, David Neiman, and Sean Carey)

Speed County Demons

(Abigoliah Shamaun, Ernie Privetera, and David Levin)


(Larry, Radomir Luza, and Justin Akin)

Flow II

(Matt Donnelly, Ernie Privetera, and Mark Grenier)


(Al Domeyko, Matt Donnelly, and Mark Grenier)

Three Non-Blondes

(Liz Hope, Taren Sterry, and Sarah Lowe)


(Taylor White, Kyle Emelander, and Marielena Logsdon)

Phat Bottom Grrrls

(Liz Hope, Ernie Privetera, and Taren Sterry)

The Whites of Their Eyes

(Shawn Wickens, Starr Kendall, and Chris O'Neil)

The Fist Kisses

(Chelsea Clarke, Steven Smith, and Achilles Stamatelaky)

(Frank Campanella, Lex Morales, and Mark Grenier)

(T.J. Mannix, Paul W. Downs, and Josh Fulton)

The Nihilists
(Elana Fishbein, Starr Kendall, and Kevin Gottlieb)

(Mark Grenier, Rylan Morrison, and Damon Ketron)

The Whites of Their Eyes
(John Frusciante, Chris O'Neil, and Deanna Fleysher)

(Frank Campanella, Rylan Morrison, and Lex Morales)

Rubber Band

(Dave Furfero, Elana Fishbein, and Bob Acevedo)

The Whites of Their Eyes

(Starr Kendall, Chris O'Neil, and Shawn Wickens)

Penalty Box
(Scott Hoffer, Ryan Karels, and Bradley Bazzle)

The Brides of Christ
(Diana DePasquale, Taren Sterry, and Laura Dillman)

Moby Dickfore. What's a Dickfore? To Pissfore with!

(Elana Fishbein, Shawn Wickens, and Kelly Buttermore)

Flight of the Black
(Deanna Fleysher, Ernie Privetera, and Bob Acevedo)

The Whites of Their Eyes

(Starr Kendall, Yang Miller, and Shawn Wickens)