Monday, December 31, 2007

Past Wednesday Champs 2008

Ren and Pimpy, last champs of 2008! on 12-17-08 with Mary and Julia

Flattery O'Connor won on 12-03-08 with Brian,Daniela, and Fiona

Pokemon was the winner on 11-26-08 with Todd,Mike,and John

Sparkle Giant!! Winners on 11-19-08 with Katie Cunningham and Ken Beck

The winners on 11-05-08 and 11-12-08 Street Justice! With Joe,Steve, and Nate.

Spit won on 10-30-08 and this particular effluvia was comprised of only Brandon.

Spit won on 10-23-08 and this particular effluvia was comprised of Britt,Todd, and Brandon.

Chris O'Neil and Dion Flynn won on 10-15-08 as "Archangel"

The winners on 10-08-08 were Meghan,Katie, and Cassidy as Disco Party Pants

Poor Nightingale won on 10-01-08 with Allison,Darnell, and Julia

Pig Stick won on 09-24-08 with Alana and Mickey

Deep Fried! The winners on 09-17-08 with Autumn, Julia, and Chevis

Happy To Be There! Winners on 09-10-08 with jessica Rona,Mike Capristo, and Joel Jones!

Katie McCabe,Chris O'Neil, and Matt Fried won as Boy Castaways on 09-03-08

2 Guys and a Girl won with David Mitchell, Carlos Carbajal, Sina Heiss on 08-27-08


RVC Pharmacy, the winners on 08-20-08 with Lauren,Jill, and Chris

This week it was the Electric Lemonade on 08-13-08 with Mickey, Alana, and Chris

The new champs:Hysterica Pasio with Wylie,Amanda, Dirk, and Joseph on 08-06-08

The I Beam with Frank and Tommy winners on 07-30-08

The winners are The Kaplans! Jill and Jon on 07-23-08

Surf and Turf won on 07-16-08 Furf, Ernie, and Bob

The Kaplans won on 07-09-08 with Jon and Jill!

Love! The winner on 07-03-08 featuring Kate,Meghan, Cassidy, and Paige

Project Utopia Take 7 the winners on 06-28-08 Boris, Brandon, and Edwin

A Thousand Paper Cranes, the winners on 06-18-08 with Brad Einstein, Chris McCeeran, and Murph McHugh

So-Flo Winners on 06-11-08 Sam & Babs (So and Flo)
squalor said...
Wow. I'm the least funny looking improviser I know.

Scarewolf! Winners on 06-04-08 Rich H, Allison, and Jake

Touch It! the winners on 05-28-08 with irene Caroll, Josh Kaplan, and Noel Dimban.

The winner! Marco & Pepgay on their first try! Brigid,Michael,Caitlin, and Molly on 05-21-08

Burger Mamas tied on 05-14-08 (with Saul Good) Pria, Michelle, and Christine

A Tie!!!! Saul Good with Kieran Valla, Caitlyn Johnson, Stephanie Griffith, and Molly Laurain on 05-14-08

Witny won on 05-08-08 with Zack, Zulan, and Rory

Mesmer's Minions! The Winners on 04-30-08. Wylie and Joseph.

Our Winners: Avatar Tears! Megan,Cassidy, and Paige on 04-23-08 Cassidy

Flashdancers came back to win on 04-16-08 with Chris,Alan, and Randy.

One Crazy Beatle won on 04-09-08, with Nate Williams, Neal Bledsoe, and Dean

Acid Orgy--Randy Pearlstein, Brian Mcfadden, and Kim Albert won on 04-02-08

Split Personality with Cassidy and Chris won on 03-26-08

Red Letter, Bryan Buckley,Alyssa Mander, and James Robilotta, the winners on 03-19-08

I Am the Shining won on 03-12-08 Jake, Jack-sun, and Adam

The Winner on 03-05-08 was Gunslingers! Give it up for Justin, Dom, and Amber.

How Many Morons? (Apparently three...) Jake, Fish, and Matt won on 02-27-08

Katie Riffey and Jacksun (Horseradish) won on 2-20-08

Eiron, Alazon & Friend: Winners! Michael,Ushin, and Chris 02-13-08

Bisquit Water won, with Tanya, Michaela, and Nacho(Matt) on 2-6-08

Gerburtstagkuchen (Birthday cake in German) won on Abigigoliah's last day in the U.S. for 6 months...Chris,Abigoliah, and Ernie

Pretty, Pretty Princess,the winners 01-23-08, with Sarah, Brian, and Beth

Monobrow 01-16-08 Digger,Ernie,Desiree,and Chris

Yay Palm! Shane,Jake, and Adam on 01-09-07

Hoof Hearted Won! 01-02-08 Dustin,Nick,Fish, and Emily....

The last winners of 2007, Hiz-ott Beyotches 12-26-07 Shawn, Hal & Chris

Nambla Yang and Abs...12-19-07

Nate and Chris won 12-12-07 (It was Nate's first time!)
Um, did anyone tell Nate to come back next week to defend his crown?

Tire Iron won on 11-28-07 Bryce Richardson,Will Newman, and Bridget Fitzgerald

Sickness won on 11-21-07! Chris O'Neil, Yang Miller, Rob Stein, and Michael Newman Jeremy Spoken, with Elan,Bryce, and Dave!!! 10-14-07!!!

The Gill Pills won on 11-07-07 Babsy, Sam, And Eric

A Tie!!!
Werewolf Roomate Beth,Brian and Dave


Billy Whoa-cean
Chris, Chris and Michael

Won on 10-24-07

Famous Heinous Anus 10-17-07 Gawy Marinoff,Shawn Wickens, and Chris O'Neil

Yay Palm! They won with Jake,Shane, and Rob 10-10-07
"Anonymous said...
you guys are awsome! So happy you won"

Swedish Fish and Chips, champs on 10-03-07 Kathryn,Paul,Fish

Jailbait...Desiree,Gawy,Elad,Shane 09-26-07

A tie between Charity & Holmes (Sam and Alan) and Sweet Pleats! (Bridget,Rob, And Chris) 09-19-07

The Terrible Twos! Beth and Chris, 09-12-07

Kape was back...Kelly,Amber and Emily the winners 09-05-07

08-29-07---B&B Music Factory--Bridget,Ben, and Jessica

The champs on 8-22-07? It was Adam, featuring Adam and Aaron. Did I mention that it took Aaron 15 monthts to win?!

Maniac County won on a packed hot night-Meg Defrancesco,Noah Starr, and Jeff Lee 08-15-07

The Ballot! Shane and Mircea Lungu(First-Timer) won 08-08-07!!!!!

Last week a tie, this week they won alone Sans Mark--Des, Barry and Chris O'Neil 08-01-07

A three way tie sent us to the second place votes---where we had a two way tie! Kape (Amber,Emily,Kelly) and Sans Mark(Ernie, Barry and Chris O'Neil) shared the top prize on 07-25-07!

Sans Mark were the winners on 7-18-07. Ernie, Barry and Dez.

The Whites of Their Eyes re-unite and win! 07-11-07
Shawn Wickens,Yang Miller, Starr Kendall, and Chris O'Neil

180 Degree Circle Johnny,Ellie, and Jill!! 06-27-07

Amazing won! Steve Kornstein,Gary, and Will 6-20-07

The Mom and Pop Coffeeshop, Domenic M. , Bridget F., and Benjamin R. winners all on 06-13-07!

Cougar 06-07-07 G-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-R Mark Grenier and Yang Miller

Kape! Patrick,Emily,Amber,Kelly! 05-30-07

Naptime---05-23-07---Ernie, Rachel , and Mike

Kinder Egg---Eric,Sam,Babs, and Johnny. They brought it that week.


Kape won again! Congrats to all! (Amber,Patrick,Kelly, and Emily)

Kape---Winners on 05-02-07 Amber, Emily, Patrick

Ah, the Fuck Patients..those who were there were treated to a great set. The winners were Sam, Babs, Danny , and Erick..04-27-07

In the photo from left to right, we are Hunter, Mickey
and Paul.
Thanks, and we'll see you next Wednesday!
Brromstick, the winners 4-18-07

Sam and Ernie had company---Upset Triangle(Dan McNamara, Pat Byrne, and Chris O'Neil) tied with them. 4-11-07

Kape had done it yet again! 4-4-07
Kelly Q E said...
I look stoned. But in actuality my only stimulant that night had been coffee. Are we disqualified now?

Sam and Ernie---they rocked it out. 3/28/2007
Kelly Q E said...
Oh Sam and Ernie... eternally a dynamic duo, unflinchingly facing each villain with the rapport only Lone Wolf and Cub could have competed with. ;) It was great meeting you guys. See you next week!
-Kelly (the K in KAPE)

KAPE.Kelly Hudson, Emily Strachan, and Amber Nelson 3-21-07 (Kape stands for Kelly, Amber, Patrick, and Emily)

Sam and Ernie March 14, 2007 Samantha Gurewitz,Ernie Privetera,Desiree Nash

West Temple Shannon,Rachelle, and Aaron Glaser March 7,2007 No Picture ;<

Sam & Ernie ,Wed. Feb 21 & 28 2007