Sunday, December 30, 2007

Our Vistors From St. Paul, MN!

We had improvisers visit us from St. Paul, MN and they rocked it out at Improdome and New Team Lunacy. They are called Improv This! and they were all in high school. When they graduate they are all moving in together in Astoria and doing a reality show. I wish. Because they were very funny and I hope they visit again soon.

I'm standing on the left with Alan Starcynzski's head behind me; Randy Pearlstein is standing on the right.
Improv This! members in the photo:
Danny Polachek
Tyler Davis
Emmi Cotroneo
Eric Young
Rachel Young
Jeff Winsor
Erin Holt
Laura Holt

Same lineup


Laura Holt said...

Oh my goodness, we'd make the most amazing reality show ever, I think. Yeah, actually, I'm fairly certain about that ^^

Thanks for putting these up!

Improdome said...

You're very welcome...any other photos?

Chris O

Danny Polachek said...

Wow cool I Googled my name being bored in my dorm room and at a loss of any other possible procrastination activities and completely un-entertained by the Roger Moore as James Bond, and I found this, this is so tight and has brought back beautiful reminiscences that have made my day! Thanks!
~Danny Polachek